Whisper Mod Intro

We (being myself and my boyfriend, TJ) just ordered the case for my first computer build.  We’ve been planning to do this together for a while now, and it’s exciting to finally be getting started on it.  After looking at several cases, weighing style, price, and functionality, and discussing the look and theme we would have, we decided on the NZXT Whisper.  It’s ultra-quiet, large enough to use as a server case if we choose to re-purpose it in the future, good quality and not too expensive, and has a clean, sleek look.

photo by NZXT

We’re waiting until we have the case in-hand to decide on our theme, which will determine a lot of what we will do, but here’s a preliminary list of  what we’ll be doing to it, in no particular order:

  • replace stock fans and add 3-4 additional cooling fans
  • paint inside and outside of case
  • potentially replace soundproof foam
  • cut out side window
  • remove extra drive cages
  • replace perforated front bezel (depending on construction)
  • potentially reshape the door
  • replace front LEDs, add internal lighting

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