Stargate Armwarmers

For the past few days I’ve been knitting up some armwarmers for my friend Darrk in exchange for some drawings of my characters, and I finally got them finished.  I named the project Stargate Armwarmers on Ravelry since she’s a fan of the series and that is where we got the inspiration for the colors.  Other than that, there isn’t much Stargate-y about them.

I used a pattern I’ve been fond of for a while, Jenny Dolan’s Punk Rock Corset Gloves.  It served as inspiration for the God Metal Armwarmers I knit back in November, but I have never followed the pattern exactly and it was a pretty quick knit, especially since I left out knitting the i-cord.  I used invisible increases instead of knitting front and back—I don’t know if I’m doing the stitch right, but I didn’t like how it looked following the pattern.

I started with one ball (75 yards) of each color and had more than enough to make both armwarmers.

My yarn was Knit Picks Shine Worsted (colorways: Black and French Blue) and I absolutely loved working with it.  I looks great and feels even better—ultra soft and smooth—though it does shed quite a bit.  This was part of my first order from Knit Picks and I am definitely buying from them again once I work down my stash a little.

 I laced them up with some black Schewe Cristallo yarn from my stash.  Darrk loves them and I had a great time knitting them up; while I love writing up knitting patterns (and have another new one in the works), it’s a completely different experience to see someone else’s ideas come to life on my needles.


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