Mistborn Scarf

I’m a pretty big fan of fantasy author Brandon Sanderson (if you like the genre, I recommend his work most highly), and when I started knitting again last year after a hiatus one of my first projects was a felted winter scarf based on his Mistborn Trilogy.

Mistborn Scarf Mistborn Scarf

For those unfamiliar with the books, each symbol represents one of the basic Allomantic Metals, which are the core of one of the world’s magic systems.

Mistborn Scarf

Up until now, the pattern has only been available to Ravelry users (though it can be found and viewed without a Ravelry account), so I thought I’d give it its own page here as well.

Mistborn Scarf Mistborn Scarf

Knitting Pattern: Mistborn Scarf & Charts


The symbols are knit using a combination of intarsia and stranded/fair isle knitting, allowing stranded technique to be knitted flat (this is one of the reasons for felting). The first stitch of C2 in a row, bring the yarn under as in intarsia. Complete the row in stranded knitting. The ribbed border is done in regular intarsia, separate from the internal pattern.

My scarf ended up about 12 inches wide and 4 feet long. Dimensions can be changed using different yarn/needles, or by adding or subtracting stitches/rows around or between the pattern blocks or on the border.

I knit this scarf from the bottom-up, in the following order: Bronze Copper Brass Zinc Pewter Tin Steel Iron. They can be re-ordered as you see fit.


Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi) yarn that can be felted (i.e. most wools other than superwash).  I used Berroco UltraAlpaca (50% wool 50% Alpaca).  I used approx. 150 yards of the background color (C1) and approx. 75 yards of the pattern color  (C2).

US 8/5.0 mm straight knitting needles


The pattern and colorwork charts are available as a PDF through direct download.

Legal & Credits

Mistborn, Allomancy, and the Steel Alphabet copyright Brandon Sanderson. Used and shared with permission. It is illegal to use this pattern, or any product created using it in whole or part, for profit or mass-production. No portion of this pattern may be reproduced in any form.

Charts created using knitChart.


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