Mail day!

Mail came today, and with it something I have waited far too long for…

It’s a doll mannequin/dressform from BJD company Angell Studio (now distributed by Mint on Card in the US, though I ordered it through a group order), and while I was less than impressed with Angell Studio’s customer service and how they handled some issues that arose, I am overall pleased with the product.  The base isn’t very sturdy and the velour looks like it might be little dingy, but it feels like it could stand up to quite a bit of abuse, and I have to give them points for even offering this product.  I’m getting this doll eventually, but until then this is a great tool (and I’m sure it will continue to be after that as well).

My mannequin is to the scale of 1/6 BJDs such as Littlefee and YOSD, but they also make mannequins in a variety of other sizes, and black velour as well as nude.

I had something of a long day at work today, so by the time I mustered up the energy to take some pictures of what I’ve knitted so far it was too dark out to use natural light.  My apartment has very poor lighting for photography, but I did what I could.

The gears are turning, and now that I have something to knit doll clothes for I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with my inspiration. It’s hard enough now, with several projects of various kinds in the planning stages and plenty more things I’d love to get back to.


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