Rolled Capelet & Hood

Inspiration struck me (as it occasionally does), and I came up with a easy, quick, and quite cute capelet and hood set for 1/6 BJDs like Littlefee and YOSD.

Both are just stockinette blocks: no increases or decreases, no stitch patterns to follow.

They would be a good introduction to different methods of binding of for beginning knitters, and make a fine project to knit on autopilot while watching TV.

I knit them both on US size 1 needles in Knit Picks Stroll Sock Yarn in “Dusk.”

The hood is 41 stitches for 2 1/2 inches, then the stitches are divided and it’s bound off using a three-needle bind off.

The capelet is 48 stitched for 2 1/2 inches, the bound off using a one-over-two bind off. Both bind off techniques can be found on


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