On creative frustration | Midnight Cape

Midnight Cape

Sometimes (more than just sometimes for some of us), a project comes along that seems to be far more trouble than its worth.  I just finished one of these.  It should have been easy.  Over and done in a night.  But I ended up completely starting over at least four times and redoing parts of it a couple more…. and one of those times I was in the process of binding off.

Midnight Cape WIP

I’ll admit I’m not always the best with dedication when in comes to my crafts.  Most artists at some point come to a point that they are acutely aware of the flaws of their work, but don’t necessarily have the skills to fix those flaws, and I’m at that point with most of my creative endeavors.  So sometimes, when I’m not getting the results I want, or things aren’t going as easily as I wished they would, I do just give up.  It’s not something I’m proud of, but as they say, admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing it.  So when I got to a point of real frustration with this project, I just said, “alright, this time I’m finishing, whatever it takes.”  And I did.  And then I waited two days to weave in the ends and block it because I needed a break.

Midnight Cape Blocking

There was something refreshing about finally completing it, and I’m happier with the outcome than I would have been if it had gone perfectly the first time.  Each time I had to start over, I was able to tweak my techniques and keep my tension more consistent, and there was also a sense of satisfaction of completing something that was challenging to me.

Midnight Cape

I called this project “Midnight Cape” (on Ravelry)because it is knit in the Knit Picks Stroll Sock Yarn colorway called Midnight Heather.  It’s an awesome color, almost black from a distance but bright and rich up close.

Midnight Cape

The pattern is based off of my Rolled Capelet for 1/6 BJDs like Littlefee or YOSD, but knit with a modified feather-and-fan lace pattern instead of stockinette:

RS: k2tog twice, (M1A, k1) four times, k2tog twice
WS: purl

Midnight Cape

I added a chain selvedge since having every RS row start and end with a k2tog does not look pretty, especially when I’ll be taking up-close pictures.  I also knit four rows of the pattern (on separate needles) and bound them to the body to create a collar.

I finished it off with a bit of Schewe Cristallo from my stash.

Midnight Cape
Midnight Cape

As a closing note, this is a great demonstration of why I like to make my original patterns as simple and easy to modify as possible… something I will go deeper into at a later date.


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