Black Velvet

Today while cleaning I came across a piece of black velvet I’ve had since middle school but for some reason never had the heart to cut into, and was inspired to take a couple photographs. Since it’s going to be a while until I can buy the shiny new DSLR camera I’m dreaming of, I’ve been experimenting with getting the highest-quality images possible out of my Canon PowerShot A480 (which gives great picture quality for its price range if you’re looking for an inexpensive point-and-shoot). Once I get some better lighting options I’m hoping they’ll go up quite a bit more.

If you’re familiar with my various online personas, you may recognize this guy, as I use a close-up of its adorable cock-eyed face as my avatar fairly frequently.

I also decided to give you a preview of my current knitting WIP. (on Ravelry)

The pattern is Wovenflame’s Top Down Raglan Tunic For LittleFee pattern in Louisa Harding Ondine yarn, colorway 09 “Disco”. I somehow totally miscounted stitches somewhere, in addition to using the wrong weight yarn and the wrong size needles… but somehow it seems to be working out pretty well, so I should have some finished pictures in the next couple of days.


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