Raglan Tunic I

As promised, I finished up my raglan tunic (on ravelry) tonight, while watching the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Extended Edition.


The pattern is Wovenflame‘s Top-Down Raglan Tunic for Littlefee pattern.  Well, more or less.  As I mentioned before, I used to wrong size yarn… the wrong size needles… and apparently miscounted stitches somewhere because when I stopped to count they didn’t add up.  It has a cozy, oversized fit on the mannequin and may fit a bit more closely on a doll wearing clothes underneath.  I also knit the whole thing on the same size needles and cast on loosely, so it has a wide/off-the-shoulder neckline unlike in the pattern.


My yarn is Louisa Harding Ondine, a DK-weight, multitonal cotton yarn. I used colorway 09, Disco, and US 1 straight and dpns.  My tension changes when I switch between knitting flat and in the round, which is the only thing I’m really dissatisfied with on this project.


I’ve been working primarily with wool and wool blends recently, and I’d forgotten how much I love cotton as a fiber, and Ondine is easy to work with despite the number of plies.


As a related but side note, the girl all these tiny clothes are being made for should be arriving soon, so we’ll get to see how they really fit finally!


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