Introducing Vee

vee has attitude

(Caution: doll nudity below. It is inoffensive but may not be appropriate in all environments.)

After a long wait and even longer planning, I finally received my first Asian Ball-Jointed Doll (BJD) today. She is a basic Littlefee Dark Elf Soo from Fairyland.


Fairyland is well-known within the BJD community for the quality of their dolls, especially in terms of posability and engineering, which is one of the things that drew me to this as my first doll.


I also like that she looks a little more mature than most BJDs her size, while still being undeniably childlike and cute, which offers a large variety of opportunities in terms of style and creativity. I also ordered her blank so I can really make her my own. I also ordered her without a wig, so she’s a little baldy for the time being, but I kind of like the look of these dolls in their basic state.


Prior to her arrival, I spend a lot of time deliberating over her name. I wanted something versatile, a little cute, and at least somewhat meaningful. I leafed through my favorite books and consulted naming dictionaries and fantasy language dictionaries, made lists and gradually deleted every name off of them. I eventually ended up modifying the name of a very minor character in one of my stories, and came up with Vee. We’ll see if it sticks, but so far it seems to suit her, and I like the history behind it. In one of the constructed languages in my story, it means something along the lines of “rogue”.


After a whirlwind of a week that didn’t give me much time to work on any projects, It’s great to have her here, and I’m swimming with ideas for things to make and a couple extras for this site.


(ordered – 4/30/11. Layaway completed 6/30. Shipped from DDE 9/6. Arrived 9/8)


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