Needlework swap & cinematic influences


(Caution: partial doll nudity below. It is inoffensive but may not be appropriate in all environments.)

Now that I’ve found my camera again and have fresh batteries, I can finally share what I received in a Den of Angels swap last month.  It was especially exciting for me, as Vee didn’t have much in the way of full outfits until these arrived, and it included a few things I hadn’t asked for specifically but had been wanting to get.


Vee is so cute in this outfit, and I especially love the tights; the pictures don’t do it justice, but her feet look really cute and more human than they do when you look at the resin.


I was also sent a wrap skirt, but somehow managed to misplace it while cleaning, so those pictures will have to wait.


I’ve been watching a lot of Film Riot lately, which has me thinking more about my process in photography (and greatly missing filmmaking), especially in terms of how much I do in post. With this shoot, I spent more time color correcting than I have in the past, as well as doing some more playing around with composition, lighting and depth (in the vein of previous posts).


The graininess of my camera in low lights still bothers me, but overall I am quite pleased with how these pictures came out. I also love my new backdrop, which is a wall tile that I bought discounted because it had been damaged. It’s nice to have something with a little more character than my standard bit of black satin.


Now that my swap partner has what I sent her as well, I can share the pictures I took before shipping them without fear of spoiling the surprise. All items are handknit and felted to one degree or another.


The patterns were improvised, and I used Knit Picks Shadow in their discontinued colorway Foxtrot.


None of the buttons are functioning, as snap closures are a bit easier to deal with at this scale, and while these buttons are a little oversize I knew that they were perfect for the project when I found them.


The doll I made these for has the character of the ghost of a young Victorian-era girl, and while this may not be quite historically accurate, I really loved it as a bit of inspiration and I feel it fit in well with my own sense of design.


As the patterns were improvised, the exact design of the collar was actually accidental, but I ended up really loving the wraparound effect it had and the way it balanced with the strap of the hood.


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