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I'm an assassin.

The blog’s been quiet lately.  Not because I haven’t been creating, but because everything has either been gifts (which I have yet to get out, and thus can’t post pictures of) or little things I don’t have much to say on. So here’s a few little projects, and a look at what I’m working on.

First, I made miniature pixel dolls of the main group of characters in what we’re calling the Revenant storyline. This isn’t meant to be a particularly artistic endeavor, but is a good exercise for me with a new set of characters. Plus, it makes an easy reference to each when we’re writing.

[on Deviantart]

While we finally got our NZXT Whisper working again, we decided we were kind of tired of it being purple all over so we’re stripping her down and starting from the bottom.




We decided to try out Rustoleum Color Shift Paint, since we’ve been curious about it for a while. It was quite easy to use with great results, and the shifting keeps it from being overwhelming the way the purple was.




In terms of knitting, I’ve been kind of procrastinating since I have several half-finished projects I’m not quite inspired to work on. I did knit up a new version of my Diamond Vest for Littlefee and have been working on making the pattern easier to read, but the yarn relaxed too much when I went to block it so it doesn’t quite fit her right.


[on Ravelry]

I also wrote a short poem recently. I’m not usually the Haiku type, but I felt like I needed to write this one and couldn’t really find anything more to say on the subject.

I dreamed that you are gone, but
What I want most
Is to dream that you are here.

[on Deviantart]


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