Spec, Screech, and Astral

In my last post here, I introduced the characters in my Revenant storyline. Since then, I’ve been dabbling a little in the visual arts as I figure out the characters, especially the basics of their armor.

Head over to my deviantArt for the full image and credits.

First I made a simply shaded vector of (right to left) Spec and Screech. I titled it “Nothing to Hide”, a lyric from the song Steady Ride (Gun Metal Green) by Trocadero. The pose captures each of their characters and their relationship well, and I am quite pleased with their anatomy (other than the fact that they apparently each have only one arm).

Head over to my deviantArt for image credits.

Since my computer went down, I decided to break into my stash of traditional media and made a watercolor of Astral. She tends to be a bit flashier than any of the others, and this pose seemed to suit that well. I am less pleased with the proportions in this one; when working on the computer, my reference image and drawing or painting are the same size, and scaling everything properly was a little problematic. I’ve always loved watercolor, though, and I had a lot of fun with the shading.


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